Who We Are


    We are a London based business coaching services company, delivering breakthrough strategies for businesses and executives worldwide. Our mission is to guide and support growth of your business through offering a plethora of executive coaching training, small business coaching online and coaching for business owners. 

    With our sophisticated and carefully tailored business coaching practices, we take businesses and executives to an entirely new level, both professionally and financially. 

    Some of our world class products and services include:

    • Business Coaching for revenue generation, profits and business growth; 
    • Business Assessments to find a best solution, online and offline; 
    • Executive Coaching and Management Training for peak performance; 
    • Conversational Intelligence (CIQ) for business transformation and team building;  
    • Our exclusive Value Builder system that prepares companies and businesses for sale at the right price. 

    Some of our customized one-to-one services and products delivered:

    • Strategy created and tailored to suit the needs of your business by a senior business consultant; 
    • Confidential Online/Offline Business Assessment to unlock breakthroughs that would benefit growth of your business; 
    • Weekly group executive coaching, strategy building webinars and monthly mastermind focus groups, delivered to your local area for business growth; 
    • World class private e-Learning courses for startups and seasoned business owners; 
    • 52-Week Business Coaching Course to put in place the fundamentals needed for your business to survive and thrive; 
    • 52-Week Personal Skills Development Programme to stay on top of your game; 
    • One-of-the-kind Value Builder Systems that gets your business ready for sale; 
    • £1M Marketing Library – 101 for how to market your business; 
    • Quick Start Revenue Generator for quick infusion of cash. 
  • Founder & Managing Director

    Founder & Managing Director

    I am a certified C- IQ Coach, Author, and approved Business Growth specialist. I specialize in providing the highest quality expert business and executive coaching tailored to your needs in London and the rest of the UK. 



  • Team Members

    We are a team of business coaching experts specializing in business growth, strategic management and organizational development. Our drive and aspiration is your ultimate success and we will do everything in our power to guide you towards reaching your business goals. 



    My speciality is shaping creative teams that focus on finding solutions that make a tangible and positive difference in business development. With a proven track record in building strong partnerships with stakeholders and the wider community to provide effective performance, I excel in executive coaching and risk management, which both lead to service improvements and increased customer satisfaction. 



    Putting it simply, I see possibility for people and this enables my clients to transcend apparent limits in their performance. My current focus is helping Law students to excel for a brilliant start to their chosen careers. 




    My focus is creation of Business Systems and Bespoke IT Training. 

  • We can help you to succeed in business today!

    With our extensive knowledge and expertise in business coaching, we can help you reach new heights by assisting with your personal development, honing in on critical areas and sharpening your leadership skills to match that of your client base. Our exclusive support will help you to achieve your next level of excellence and once you feel confident and ready, we’ll make sure you’re able to share what you have learned, becoming a superior power in your own right. 


    • "These coaching sessions with Nydes Management have helped and guided Organic Talents with the marketing, advertising and business plans. OTC will recommend Nydes Management Company services to any business looking to develop improve and expand."

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