Executive Coaching Services in Westminster

Adopting the right methods that are guaranteed to take you to your next level of excellence.

  • Two Free 'Executive Coaching' offers

    • Free executive coaching for 1 month

      The first offer is a free trial period 

      You will get two 30-minute coaching sessions, two weeks apart – where we will provide you with a high-quality Executive Coaching strategic road-map. If it works for you, you can then continue onto our standard coaching programme. 

      This trial option is only available to C-Level Executives and Directors who report directly to the CEO (or who are the CEO). 

    • London Coaching Services in association with Nydes Management Company have come together to offer this well-anticipated eBook for Executives and Senior Managers.

      In this eBook you’ll find some great strategies to increase the value of your business along with effective guidelines on how to create a high performance culture in the workplace – all by simply using our Executive Coaching techniques.

      In this eBook you will get:

      • Top tips on how to make the case for Executive Coaching in your company; 
      • What is Executive Coaching; 
      • Reasons for investing in Executive Coaching; 
      • How to use Executive Coaching in your organisation; 
      • Why 86 percent of companies said they used coaching to sharpen skills of individuals who have; been identified as future organisational leaders; 
      • The various types of agendas and issues that Executive Coaching addresses; 
      • The expected benefits that you will get from investing in Executive Coaching; 
      • Some common challenges to Executive Coaching;
      • Key elements of Executive Coaching; 
      • Some critical questions to think about before appointing your Executive Coach; 
      • Answers to your FAQs on how long it will take for you to see results. 
  • “Executives these days have to deal with environments of unprecedented change, overwhelming complexities and tremendous competition.”

    Peter DruckerManagement Consultant, Educator and Author
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