5 Ways to Improve Employee Turnover

Vernon Simpson

Posted by Vernon Simpson
Last updated 4th June 2018
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Vernon Simpson
Vernon Simpson
I am a Certified Value Builder, C- IQ Coach, Author, and approved Business Growth specialist, providing expert, tailored business and executive coaching in London and the UK. I am passionate about business and service excellence, and I want to connect with the owners of SMEs, managers and corporate executives in the private, public and third sectors; individuals who are looking to achieve superior performance, and obtain guaranteed service improvements results, and increases in turnover and profitability.
Book Research Project

I’m currently doing research for a new book I’m writing based around my 45 min business turnaround. What I do is typically charge my clients £1300 for a 45 min business turnaround where I essentially find £10,000 hidden in their business within 45 mins of sitting down with them. Not a bad investment when you consider I will quadruple their investment in 45 mins.